Mabon at the Meadery is a celebration of the second harvet and for us, it's time for a party. Visit @ScotchLakeFarm on facebook and check out the events page for more information or see below.

Scotch Lake Farm is a mix of many things connected to beekeeping. Our setting is along the ridge of the Barrichois Hills between Leitches Creek and George's River near North Sydney in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. We are a small rustic farm apiary that doesn't use chemicals. Aside from beekeeping, we grow trees, fruit, some vegetables and keep chickens for eggs. Eggs, plants, honey products and anything extra is offered for sale at local markets and from the farm directly. You can click any link below or for more information or contact .   Raw Natural Honey with No Chemicals

Scotch Lake Farm is owned and operated by Jen Holtom & R. Micheal Magnini.  Micheal has been a beekeeper since 2002 and a licenced mead maker since 2006.  Jen has been beekeepeing since 2011, Midgard Meadery's owner & licensed mead maker since 2018 and is a web & graphic designer.  As you may or may not know, the farm has had a couple of setbacks to growth.

We work very hard for the bees and for money we make to support and grow the farm.  If you care about the bees and want to help support us in our efforts, purchase from one of our sites, or make a donation in any amount to the Meadery.
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